Oil Shale








Colorado Blue Columbine





Aquilegia coerulea (eagles claw, blue), the Colorado Columbine, is the state flower of Colorado. It grows in subalpine meadows. The flowers shown here were found along the Barr Trail West of Colorado Springs, Colorado at 9,000 foot elevation in Aspen meadows. The overall photo above is from Cedar Breaks National Monument, Utah, at the border between limber pine groves and grassy meadows.



Red Columbine


Aquilegia desertorum (Eagles claw, likes lonely places), Red Columbine, growing at 10,400 feet on the east slopes of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains just East of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Aquilegia desertorum is more a species of New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah in contrast to Coerulea above is more a species of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming.


Rocky Mountain Dwarf Blue Columbine


Aquilegia saximontana (found among rocky mountains), Rocky Mountain Dwarf Blue Columbine, apparently endemic to the Pikes Peak Massif just West of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Photo taken at an elevation of 12,900 feet on loose scree from decaying Pikes Peak Granite on the Northern slopes of Pikes Peak. Eroding granite forms steep scree slopes which are the habitat of numerous alpine species including Draba streptobrachia, Tundra Whitlowgrass,Androsace chamaejasmine, Rock Jasmine, Cirsium scopulorum, Alpine Thistle, Dryas octopetala, White Alpine Dryas, and Noccea thalspi, Alpine Candytuft.